Coastal visits

Gannets, saltee islands. Photo by James Burke

Gannets, guillemots, Saltee Islands. Photo by James Burke


Ireland is a small country. The Barrow Valley is only about 1.5 hours’ drive to the coasts of County Wexford and County Waterford, so it’s a great base from which to explore the South East of Ireland. If you have children with you they may be less than thrilled with riverside walks, so why not head to the coast?

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saltee islands, county wexford, ireland,

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County Wexford offers some stunning, long sandy beaches such as that of Curracloe. (The opening sequence of the film “Saving Private Ryan” was filmed here). There are also some great places for sea fishing, such as Kilmore Quay where you can also get boat trips around (or to) the seabird nesting sites on the Saltee Islands in good weather. Whale watching is also available. Look online for ‘Kilmore Quay boat trips’. Also worth the trek is a visit to Hook Head to see the 13th century working lighthouse. Lighthouse tours, cafe & other facilities available. Nice walk along the cliffs too (with some walls to climb over).

Hook Head, County Wexford, lighthouse, Ireland

Hook Head, County Wexford.

wexford beach, Ireland,

Enjoy miles of sandy beaches on the Wexford coast, near Kilmore Quay. (Bring your own refreshments).

copper coast, county waterford, IrelandCounty Waterford now has a ‘geopark’ – It was the site of copper mines in the past, hence the name ‘The Copper Coast‘. There is a great coastal drive heading West from Tramore, with plenty of small car parks so you can get out and explore the cliff tops such as the one shown below which I photographed in summer 2015. Top right in the picture is a tiny car on the coastal driving route so you can see what you miss by simply driving through. Hop over the safety barrier (which is there to stop cars driving over the cliffs) and explore the unspoiled geography. Use your discretion and avoid falling off if possible. Nearby Waterford City is a former Viking town (the oldest in Ireland) with a good museum & tower right on the quay. Watch excellent Drone video here.

> There is an official Geopark website here

Copper coast, Waterford, photo & poster by James Burke.

Copper Coast Geopark, Waterford, photo & poster by James Burke. Click to Enlarge