Graiguenamanagh / Tinnahinch

Another photogenic small town to visit. The river here marks the border between two counties. Kilkenny on the Graiguenamanagh side and Carlow on the Tinnahinch side. Once a river port for the big Barrow barges, ‘Graig’ as it’s known, is still home to many ex-bargemen’s families.

Doyles pub Graiguenamanagh
Doyles pub Graiguenamanagh. Buy a shepherd’s crook while you try a pint.

In 1204 Cistercian monks, having discovered the pure water quality of the River Duiske, built a monastery and mills in Graignamanagh. Their monastery prospered through the export of wool, to become their largest Irish foundation – Duiske Abbey.  The town grew up around the abbey and its mills..

Cushendale Woolen Mills is worth a visit and has a small shop.

Graiguenamanagh from the Barrow Way on the Tinnahinch side.
Graiguenamanagh from the Barrow Way on the Tinnahinch side of the river.

The beautiful Duiske Abbey is in the middle of the town and has high crosses in the graveyard.

Duiske Abbey, Graiguenamanagh
Duiske Abbey, Graiguenamanagh
Graiguenamanagh Regatta
Graiguenamanagh Regatta – an annual event in the town.