My photography

I set out to use this website to a) showcase the area where I live and b) to showcase my photographs of the Barrow Valley.  Indulge me by allowing a small gallery of my own monochrome photos.

I’ve been taking photographs since I was 12 and I particularly like taking candid, monochrome ‘street’ photographs of people. Composition is key with mono photographs and everything is done in an instant with this kind of shot. You also have to merge into the background so people are not looking into the camera. It helps if they are concentrating on something else, which is why I like guided tours and tourist areas. If it all works, the photo has a strange universal quality, beyond what is in the picture. Most of the photos here were taken in Ireland.

My 500px gallery¬†– mostly in colour but some are monochrome. It’s where I put my new photos..

My guru was Henri Cartier-Bresson ¬†– the master of the technique, who coined the phrase ‘the decisive moment’. See a YouTube movie about him and his work here.