St Mullins

Autumn reflections, St Mullins. River Barrow, Ireland, Photo by James Burke

Autumn reflections at St Mullins. Photo by James Burke

St Mullins is an ancient ecclesiastical site with the stump of a round tower and Norman motte as well as a whole host of religious buildings and 1798 graves. Layer upon layer has been built over the centuries. The river here meets the upper tidal reaches and the difference in water temperature makes for a misty, soft landscape. This mystical meeting of the river & sea has made St Mullins a spiritual centre for millenia – people came here for a cure from the Blessed Well during The Great Plague.

Motte & Bailey, St Mullins, Ireland

Norman Motte & Bailey, St Mullins, Ireland

Illustration from Irish Archaeology

A Norman Motte & Bailey still stands proud above the village green which was once a village, protected by the Wooden Norman tower.

Did you know? – Riverdance legend Michael Flatley’s ancestors are buried here.

Frosty morning at St Mullins

Frosty morning at St Mullins

There is a riverside walk to & from the peaceful Lock (see video below) which is enjoyable – bring your own refreshments. There are several B&Bs in the area if you plan to stay.

church wall, St mullins. photo by James Burke

Ancient church wall, St mullins. photo by James Burke


Brandon hill overlooks the river at St Mullins

St Mullins on the river Barrow, Ireland. Photo by James Burke

Walk the Barrow Way from St Mullins riverside. Photo by James Burke.


Round tower base in foreground with Norman Motte (fortified hill) in background


Autumn at St Mullins. Photo by James Burke


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Reflected trees at St Mullins.


Facilities: In recent years a seasonal Cafe has opened beside the river. There is a small shop on the green and a pub.

Kayaking, St Mullins, County Carlow, River Barrow, Ireland

Kayaking at St Mullins. Bring your own boat and pretend you are in Canada !

On the Borris road near St Mullins

On the Borris road near St Mullins



Walk from St Mullins to Graignamanagh – link here

See the walking guide for more information



Drummin Bog Restoration Project

Drummin Raised Bog Restoration Project
Drummin Bog is the last remaining raised bog in Co. Carlow. The project aims to restore it to its natural state and to make it accessible to the public.

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